pseudonymous! (open call for submissions)

The Dirty Dirty is accepting submissions for its next show "Pseudonymous". All works, must be received by Tuesday, September 29, and the one night exhibition will take place on Saturday, October 3rd. Please hand deliver or mail works (labeled with alias) to:

Martha Clippinger
The Dirty Dirty
672 Westminster Road
Brooklyn, NY 11230

This one night exhibition aims to bring artists outside of their everyday identities in order to expose new and unfamiliar work. All work displayed must be under a pseudonym. Earlier in the day, The Institute of Aesthletics will be playing two games at Prospect Park. "Wiffle Hurling" at 12 noon and "Mercury" at 2pm. Both will be filmed by Japanese Television, so come by and play or watch. The post-game party will coincide with the opening of "Pseudonymous" at The Dirty Dirty, complete with live performances!

An evening not to be missed! Hope to see you there!

any questions, please contact: marthaclippinger@gmail.com

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